Share prices in China were mixed to weaker despite a recovery in Chinese home price readings. Apparently some investors saw positive economic data in China, as a development that could derail additional stimulus efforts in China. European shares were slightly higher as decent earnings news provided a distraction from recent slowing fears. European markets were able to spin the US Fed meeting into a slight positive, as the talk was that the US Fed didn't rule out easing action in the future. However, US stocks have started out weaker today as if the trade expects to be confronted with renewed slowing fears through the US housing Permits and starts reports. It also seems as if the US Fed Beige Book will provide further evidence of slowing in the early afternoon trade today.

Platinum has started out on a weaker footing in the face of weakness throughout the metals complex. Platinum might be seeing some minor pressure off news of an analyst price cut for platinum prices and the market might also be seeing a bit of pressure from adverse currency market action. In the end, generally weaker equities, ongoing slowing fears and ideas that the US Fed will remain on hold until further weakness is seen, probably leaves the bear camp with an edge today.