Parade recently teamed up with omg! Yahoo for their 2011 Summer Pop Culture Poll to gather responses to questions such as "Who is the most annoying celebrity" and "Which celebrity split was most shocking?".

Celebrity candidates for the "Most Annoying" category include Kim Kardashian, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, Donald Trump and Brad Womack.

Other questions include "Which celebrity had the best slim-down?" with Raven Symone, Jonah Hill and Aretha Franklin on the list.

Stories for "Biggest celebrity headline in the first half of 2011" include Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child scandal, Casey Anthony's Not Guilty Verdict, the Murdoch Hacking Scandal and Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal.

Other questions on the poll include "Which celebrity split was most shocking" and "Which Harry Potter star has the brightest future", among many others.

Everyone is invited to vote at the Summer Pop Culture Poll, which is hosted annually by Parade on its website.