Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 5 next week, or so it is expected, during an Oct. 4 meeting at its Cupertino, Calif. campus, and everyone is wondering what features the new smartphone will come with.

And until one see the next-generation iPhone one can only imagine what it will look and feel like. Regardless, the iPhone 5 will be a step up from the current iPhone 4 and users are indeed anticipating many upgrades.

Here's a roundup of what rumored features we would want to see in the new iPhone 5.

A Powerful A5 Chip: This is the same chip that gives the iPad2 its power. Rumors are that Apple will likely fit an A5 chip into iPhone 5, giving its speeds of about 1.2 or 1.5 GHz with 1GB RAM.

Battery Life: Apple is known to constantly improve its products. The iPhone 4 has about 40 percent more talk time than the iPhone 3GS. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is being rumored that the new iPhone will come with a thinner, lighter battery and may provide an extra 100 hours of standby time and more than two hours of talk time.

iOS 5: Everyone will decide on whether to get the new iPhone based this. Apple's iOS is top-notch and is bringing some stiff competition to Google's Android. If the iOS 5 gets in the new iPhone, it will be a winner. The iOS 5 comes with 200 new features to include an improved notifications system and iMessage.

A World Phone: iPhone 5 is rumored to have about two internal antennae for CDMA and GSM compatibility.

Curved Glass Display: Apple is rumored to release an iPhone 5 with a bigger screen size that could be about 4-inch. DigiTimes reported back in May that Apple ordered glass cutting machines that are able to make curved glass covers.

iCloud: Apple's iPhone 5 needs to have the new iCloud for operating iTunes for wireless remote access of music from any computers and mobile devices. With iCloud, iPhone users can store all their photos, apps and more.

Apple hasn't released any details on what the new iPhone will feature, but the next-generation of Apple smartphone would be solid with those features.

What are you most looking forward to having in your new iPhone?

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