In the last few months, various reports of mentally sick mothers who baked their own babies grabbed headlines. Back in March, a 24-year-old Mississippi mother was charged with murdering her 3-year-old son, whose burned body was found in an electric oven.

A similar incident was reported in June, when a California mother was arrested and charged with murder of her baby. Police said she cooked her baby in a microwave.

It sounds gruesome, but such horrid tales have been occurring around us. Even more bizarre is that these grisly acts have been replicated in simulation video games.

The 'Sims Gone Wrong' Tumblr is a blog that has a collection of errors that occur in the simulation video game. It features pictures and videos of ugly figures and situations in the virtual world, which are the results of programming glitches.

Some of the weirdest posts include mothers pushing baby carriages and babies baked in birthday cakes. One of the frightening videos shows a baby having its diaper changed on a barbecue grill.

Here are the videos: