Only one of major food chain in Japan has decided to use U.S. beef, which came back to the market last week, according to a survey by the Consumers Union of Japan and Food Safety Citizens' Watch.

In survey results realsed Saturday by two consumer groups, seven companies answered that they will not use U.S. beef, while another seven out of eight companies that checked other in a questionaire said they have no plan to use U.S. beef for the time being.

The two groups sent the questionaire to 24 major companies in the food industry from mid to late July. There were 21 responses.

Companies that checked will not use U.S. beef include McDonald's Holdings Co. Japan, Zensyo Co., which is a major gyudon beef bowl chain.

The only company to use U.S. beef is another major beef bowl chain Yoshinoya D&C Co..

Yakinikuya Sakai Co. said it will use U.S. beef when price and reliability of quality become stable.

Other companies said they will make a decision after watching consumer trends and circumstances.

Josaeph Sato