In case you missed it... the most popular posts of the first quarter of 2010  (does not include the tabs across the top of the webpage which are generally always top 5)

Top 10

  1. [Video] Ordos - China's Empty City (click here)
  2. Sovereign Risk Chart - Where Would the US Fit in, on Europe's Scale? (here)
  3. [Video] Nouriel Roubini Crushes the Kool Aid Drinkers on CNBC (here)
  4. Byron Wien's 10 Surprises for 2010 (here)
  5. Trader Who Called 1996 Crash in Copper in Copper Says Prepare for Another - Catastrophe Awaits (here)
  6. Kyle Bass of Haman Capital - Japan Defaults on Debt or Devalues in 3-4 Years; US in 10-12 (here)
  7. India Joins China in Global Hunt for Commodities (here)
  8. Charles Biderman of TrimTabs Claims US Government Supporting Stock Market (here)
  9. Harrisburg, PA - You've Got (Bankruptcy) Next! (here)
  10. His is (Way) Bigger than Yours - One Daytrader's Office Setup (here)