If you've ever ridden the NYC subway, you've no doubt witnessed some out of the ordinary encounters. Countless bystanders have recorded the often unbelievable events that have taken place with-in and around the city's train cars. The internet has been flooded with these sometimes cryptic visual accounts. From the wacky to the intriguing, here are just a few of the videos that have taken the web by storm!

Man Licking Shoe:

Crazy Lady Attacks!:

Woman Threatends To End Life On Tracks!:

White Men Can Jump:

Rat Jumps On Man's Face:

Man Seeks Pure Angel's To Go to Church With

People Who Have Never Met Peform a Song Together:

Passengers Start Dancing To Michael Jackson Following His Death:

Spaghetti Fight:

4am Soul Train:

Homeless Man Gives Showstopper Performance of Adele's Someone Like You:

Delusional Man Retires From Singing:

Rider's Ignore Crazy 80's Style Man: