Jonathan and Su-San Rudi, a Florida couple with three children, nearly lost their fourth, within seconds of the child being born. The couple, who tried for their fourth child, without success, for over a decade, are now proud parents of a son, Jackson, after heroics on the part of his father.

Jackson was born, at the Rudi residence, on Dec. 15, nine weeks before the due date. However, he was unable to breathe initially and, in most cases, would probably have died immediately.

Jonathan, however, sprang to action, dialed 911 and was talked through resuscitating his son.

I just don't want the rest of his life to be a struggle like it's been so far, Jonathan said, in an interview with

He (Jonathan) bought him back to life right there. He really is a miracle in so many ways. I'm so grateful to you honey. Thank you, Su-San told the Web site.

The delighted parents also thanked the paramedic team, who rushed to help them and ensure Jackson's safety.

It's part of the job.  We try and do what we can to help the people in our community.   I guess it picks up your spirits knowing you did something so great, said Abraham Espinoza, a Deltona Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Jackson weighed 3lb at birth and, according to reports, is now doing well.