Kristine Wiley wants to work with school principals to keep teens safe from online predators. 
Wiley's 15-year-old daughter, Nichole Cable, was allegedly killed by a man who used a fake Facebook profile to get her to meet up with him. Kyle Dube was charged on Wednesday with the murder and kidnapping of the teenager. 
Dube, 20, allegedly lured Cable out of her Glenburn, Maine, home by posing as a friend. He planned to kidnap the teen so he could later "discover" her and "be the hero," said an affidavit released by police, reports the Associated Press.

After convincing Cable to leave her house, Dube jumped from a hidden spot in the woods and duct-taped her while his face was hidden with a ski mask. He then placed her in his father's truck. 
Dube later discovered that the girl was dead and placed her body "in the woods covered in sticks," reports the Bangor Daily News. 
Cable's friend Bryan Butterfield told police that someone had created a fake Facebook account under his name and that he believes it was Dube. Butterfield said that Cable often spoke with the false profile. 
Dube initially told investigators on May 15 that he had a relationship with Cable but said he had been at work the night she died. He also said he had exchanged text messages with her that day, reports.
Investigators discovered the two had been in contact on Facebook and linked the fake Butterfield account to the home of Dube's parents by tracing the IP address to a location in Orono, Maine. 
Dube had previously attempted to meet with Cable several times using the fake account, but she denied his requests. 
“The person posing as Butterfield repeatedly requested to meet with Cable in person. On May 12, Cable agreed to meet with this subject for the purposes of obtaining some marijuana,” the affidavit said. 
Cable's mother reported her missing on May 13. Her body was discovered on May 20 after numerous officers and hundreds of civilian volunteers had searched for her over several days. 
Wiley has been in talks with police to lead safety seminars for teens. She says she plans to take an active role in protecting young online users since "the Bible says do not stand idl[y] by."