An annual holiday that warrants gifts is an interesting barometer for the state of web-shopping and popular gift-giving choices. The traditional Mother's Day gift of flowers looked to stay on top this year and will likely for years to come, however, the move to increased online shopping for Mother's Day gifting as well as technology-centered gifts points to a wired Mother's Day for the future. Online shopping is increasing with every financial quarter that passes sending ripple effects through sectors from physical-location dependent retailers to SEO companies and online marketers who assist e-retailers in affirming their online presence and optimizing it to gain more targeted traffic. Now, with survey results and figures of shopping behavior surrounding this Mother's Day, technology and online holiday shopping has a bright future.

According to a survey conducted by PriceGrabber (discussed on Internet Retailer), 52% of participating consumers indicated they were planning to go online to purchase their Mother's Day gifts. Although 43% of the 4,295 online shoppers surveyed said they would be buying flowers for their mothers, many moms are looking for technology. Almost a third of online moms desire technology gifts for their Mother's Day gifting, and over half want a tablet ( In a related survey on, the perception matches reality, as buyers see their mothers as savvy tech users who want devices like tablets and smartphones.    

What does this mean, exactly? It means that mom is very interested in technology. Taking a more macro look then, it means that the popularity of online shopping and the advances in functional and attractive tech items is changing the gift-giving of even the most traditional of holidays. This is not a major surprise, but it is an interesting development that illustrates the positive trajectory of online shopping, tablets, smartphones, and other web searching devices.

At the same time, it extends the relevance of marketing online and SEO campaigns as the access points to the web become more diversified and interest in them grows. Advertising and marketing through the internet will allow companies selling their products to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of keyword searches that relate to their offerings. These searches have been extremely relevant for quite some time, but will only increase as shoppers grow their internet use and web searching.