Google Inc.'s Motorola Mobility unit has released teaser videos of Ice Cream Sandwich -- or Android 4.0, if you prefer -- on its Razr and Razr Maxx smartphones, ahead of its anticipated June release date.

The videos on the Japanese Droid Razr website showcase some of the new skin's features -- and the results are promising.

The phone's new lock screen has shortcuts to text messaging, the phone dialer, and music controls. The home screen also has a bit of a revamp, with the Favorites Tray now featuring four icons and the Apps button, saving you a bit of clutter.

The videos also highlight some newer features for the camera, such as time-lapse video and high-resolution snapshots while filming. While both options are rather spiffy, Motorola's choice to use a drunk prank photo to showcase how it works is a bit questionable.

Probably the coolest addition is the Webtop 3.0 application, which lets you run apps and a full Web browser on your TV via a high-definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, connection to the phone.

You can get sneak peeks of some of the cooler features below.


Home And Lock Screen