Motorola did not mince words against competitors in a video promoting the release of its upcoming tablet computer.

The Schaumburg, Ill.-based company sent out a video to various media members titled Tablet Evolution, which teases an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The video goes through a virtual hall highlighting all the tablets throughout history, including Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Ten Commandments, the Rosetta Stone all the way through to the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. It makes critical remarks of each.

On the iPad, the video from Motorola says, It's like a giant iPhone...but, it's like a giant iPhone. For the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it says, The Samsung Galaxy Tab has Android OS, but ... Android OS for a phone.

It then teases the reveal of a seemingly new tablet computer from Motorola. At the end, a bee flies around the Motorola logo, suggesting to some that the company will use Google's tablet-friendly Honeybee operating system.

Motorola, Apple and Samsung did not respond to calls for comment.