Motorola Mobility has updated its website and YouTube channel with a pre-announcement image: The word "moto x" appears in white on a black background. The Moto X phone is expected to be announced on Thursday, Aug. 1, at an event in New York City.

Anticipation is high that the Moto X will be an innovative product and the first true cooperation between Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Motorola since the 2011 acquisition. The Moto X is expected to be a customizable device running Android 4.3, the newest version of the company's mobile operating system.


Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said the phone will have more than one processor, be "contextually aware" and assembled in Texas. The Moto X cannot be considered "Made in the U.S." as several components will be made in Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere. The Moto X is rumored to incorporate the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System, with a dual-core main CPU, a quad-core GPU and two cores each designated to a specific task.

Woodside said that the phone would be "broadly distributed," and that the Moto X is capable of "managing low power sensors" and "keeping those on all the time," and will "act differently" based on whether a user is driving in the car or taking the phone out of their pockets.


Will Motorola stream the Moto X unveiling live on YouTube? The YouTube channel change means they will likely include announcement information on the site. The International Business Times recently gave a rundown of a possible release date and specs on the Moto X, as well as information regarding the phone's rumored processor.

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