Jake Foushee's movie trailer guy impression has gone viral, with more than 700,000 people viewing the 14-year-old's twist on impersonation of late movie trailer impression guy Don LaFontaine.

Scroll down to watch Jake give his spot-on movie trailer guy impression.

The video, dubbed My Movie Trailer Guy Impression [Original], has 701,178 views on YouTube and more than 1,700 comments.

This is insane guys, I never expected this much feedback! Jake wrote. Thanks so much!

The video also led to an interview Thursday on Good Morning America.

In his video, Jake says he aspires to be a voice actor, and his dreams may come true when one commenter offered him a voice actor position.

I came across your video earlier this morning. It was absolutely incredible, I represent the world of Beatbox, I'm putting together a team of talented voice actors, beatboxers, and sound effect makers like myself, said commenter Dontae Catlett. I was wondering if you'd be interested?

Jake's movie trailer guy impression voice is reminiscent of the late Don LaFontaine, a voice actor who recorded thousands of movie trailers and voice-overs.

On Jake's Twitter page, he says he also impersonates Optimus Prime and Joe Swanson. Perhaps those impressions will be coming soon to a computer near you.

For comparison purposes, below are videos of Jake's movie trailer guy impression and LaFontaine's work. Who do you think does it better?

Here's Jake:

And here's LaFontaine: