As more TV shows and movies are streamed online and their pirated versions proliferate on the Internet, the Motion Picture Association of America -- Hollywood studios' trade group -- wants viewers who search for them to watch them on "legitimate" platforms. So it has launched, which connects users to content on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox and smaller websites so that they can buy, rent or stream what they're looking for. Users can also sign up to receive alerts when the content they're looking for becomes available.

The MPAA is touting the website as a more "robust" version of, which was launched last year, reports the Los Angeles Times. In addition to listing what content each platform provides, WhereToWatch indicates what devices are compatible. Both websites follow the MPAA's unsuccessful attempt in 2012 to back legislation that would police websites offering illegal copies of movies and TV shows. 

" is a showcase for the tremendous amount of talent and creativity that goes into making your favorite shows and movies," said Greg Silverman, Warner Bros.’ president of creative development and worldwide production. "The creators who work hard to bring these stories to the screen benefit when audiences can easily find them on legitimate platforms."