mPhase Technologies announced today that their flagship products, mPower Emergency Illuminator and Power on Command, have both passed the stringent safety tests required to carry the CE marking. The CE mark is a mandatory label that recognizes the product as having been testing and meeting the requirements of the European Union (EU) consumer safety guidelines. The passing of these tests allows both mPhase products to be sold in the Europe Economic Area, which includes members and non-members of the European Union comprising over 350 million consumers.

mPhased used elite testing and certification companies to conduct third-party testing on their products to achieve the CE mark. Based in Maryland, world-renown electrical certification testing company MET Laboratories ran the tests for Illuminator compliance. Intertek, Inc., who has divisions worldwide, did the tests for the reserve cell compliance.

CEO of mPhase Technologies, Ronald A. Durando, commented in the press release today, “The CE mark is an important certification for mPower because it unlocks the European market. Considering that the Illuminator was designed by the world-renowned Porsche Design Studio in Austria, and that the product is manufactured in Austria, securing the right to sell our product in Europe makes solid business sense.”

mPhase has been developing technologies through its 100% owned consumer products division mPower Technologies. The mPower Emergency Illuminator is a precision designed instrument with a powerful LED and a USB charging port with two separate battery tubes. The Illuminator has received several prestigious awards recently and is the first mPhase product available to consumers that offers Power On Command™, the groundbreaking battery technology which provides a unique way to store energy and manage power that mPhase believes will revolutionize the battery industry.

More information on the mPower Emergency Illuminator and mPhase’s Power on Command technologies can be viewed on the mPhase website at and the mPower Technologies website at