Those looking for “Mr. Robot” Season 1 on Netflix are out of luck. The USA drama will not go to the streaming giant. The show signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Prime so no other streaming websites can air it, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“Mr. Robot” follows a programmer (Rami Malek) who works as a cyber security engineer by day, but at night, he is a vigilante hacker. He joins a hacktivist group to take down an evil corporation. “Mr. Robot” Season 1 received respectable ratings with loads of critical acclaim. The deal is “likely one of its priciest acquisitions for a single series,” Variety reports.

Despite nabbing the rights just a few weeks after the Sept. 2 finale aired, U.S. viewers will have to wait a few months until it’s available for streaming. International viewers, however, will get to see the series within a few weeks. Amazon Prime will release “Mr. Robot” Season 1 to the U.K. on Oct. 16. Viewers in Germany and Austria will be able to stream it starting Nov. 20. The U.S. however, will not be able to stream the show until spring 2016. No specific released date has been announced. USA likely wants to release Season 1 shortly before the Season 2 premiere.

Watch a trailer for “Mr. Robot” below:

“Mr. Robot” is one of several shows to which Amazon Prime has exclusive rights. NBCUniversal, which owns “Mr. Robot,” has given Amazon the rights to several other USA shows, including “Suits” and “Covert Affairs.” The exclusive deals are clearly something that NBCUniversal sees as beneficial, but several Netflix users would rather see the show there.

Despite the exclusive Amazon Prime deal, the show is still available for streaming on USA’s website if a user has log in information from their cable provider. The episodes will likely be taken off the website once Amazon posts Season 1 in the spring.