Light has found even the darkest corners of the new Fulton Street Transit Center. After more than seven years of planning, the progress of the project is finally starting to show. 

The $1.4 million subway hub won't officially open until 2014, but in the meantime the MTA is showing off parts of the project that have already been completed, including the 53-foot skylight that allows sunshine to enter down into the depths of the four underground floors.

Sprial staircases lead circle around the station where at the center of the station there will be an information kiosk where straphangers can get up-to-date information on trains from LED screens. 

As well as being a connection site for 10 subway lines, the glass-walled transit center will also be home to 70,000 square feet of shops and restuarants. 

Parts of the new center have already begun to open as their renovations have finished. In November 2009, the MTA finished its renovations of Cortlandt Street,  a station that will connect with the Fulton Street Center. The next part of the center will open in July and Dey Street station for the 4/5 lines.