At every awards show there is always a best-dressed list and a worst-dressed list; at the MTV VMAs in 2012 Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora were in competition for the worst dressed.

It's not surprising that Nicki Minaj fell in the worst-dressed category on Thursday. Words like gorgeous, chic and glamorous are seldom used when one is describing Ms. Minaj.

She's known for her over-the-top wigs and costumes, and those who were looking forward to seeing Minaj wear something outrageous were not disappointed.

Minaj seemed discombobulated from head to toe. She was wearing a cop cat with a yellow, rainbow wig. Her make-up wasn't overstated, but her outfit made up for that part.

She was wearing a superhero, cat lady jumpsuit with red trim. At least she lets everyone know that she doesn't take her fashion too seriously at awards shows.

Rita Ora, British songwriter and singer, missed the mark with her sparkly jumpsuit and the MTV VMAs. It seemed like she jumped into 1979, but might have wanted to stay there.

She was definitely daring with the low-cut V-neck in the front, and her hair and make-up looked flawless, but her outfit choice was a little too old lady too be trendy.

The custom made suit fit her well but was definitely too gaudy.

While some clearly belonged on the worst-dressed list, there's been some debate over the others.

Singer Kesha might be one of the most popular fashion victims that has ever graced the red carpet. Her styles could have sometimes been described as appalling.

On Thursday night's award ceremony Kesha ditched the glitter for glitz but it wasn't enough for some. While she did go for a little black dress, it was see-through, and her bag didn't seem to go with the outfit.

However, her hair and make-up made her face look classic and well put-together. If anything, Kesha at least gets points for trying.

There's been some debate over Emma Watson's choice to go with a colorful, short party dress too. In some pictures the dress looks cute, but depending on the lighting the yellow, red and blues in the dress clash making the ensemble look remotely heinous.

Who do you think was the worst dressed at the 2012 MTV VMAs?