The more services that a company offers the better it is for business, generally speaking, save for situations where businesses overextend beyond their capabilities and resources allow. The same can be said with SEO companies. The more they can provide for their clientele, the more value they bring. Specifically with international SEO companies, they can offer a range of services from traditional search engine optimization to social media and paid search management. However, very often the difference is being able to deliver these services in multiple languages as well as being able to communicate with international clientele in their respective languages. As such, multilingual SEO firms hold true advantages over competitors who do not have the capabilities to both optimize content in other languages and communicate with clientele in their native tongue. 

Client ContentGone are the days when optimizing content online to widen the exposure of web properties and drive traffic could be done using poor-quality content. Like in so many other industries, content is king in search engine optimization, and more specifically, quality content is king. Thus, being able to deliver valuable, unique information in other languages is a prized asset to the international SEO firm. As such, being able to write proficiently in terms of grammar in other languages is only one part of the picture, the content must offer something compelling to its audiences. Information cannot be repetitive or duplicate that which can be found elsewhere. Companies that are able to produce this level of both onsite and off-site content find themselves that much more highly regarded for the value they bring to their clients.    

Client CommunicationThe line of communication between client and the partnered company is key in all industries, but especially in SEO. Partnered SEO companies need to engage their clients in a host of information-sharing practices to gain mutual understanding regarding mission, concerns, and ultimate goals, to then be able to formulate objectives and a focus strategy and plan. A clear line of communication is central to his process, and if there is a language barrier, full understanding can be a challenge. This can compromise the entire relationship as well as the work that needs to be completed. As such, SEO companies having individuals in-house that can speak the local language used by clientele in particular international markets is a valued asset that can help sustain clientele as well as attract new clients.