The coroner's report on the cause of death of Jeff Conaway, Taxi and Grease star who had been battling with addiction and passed away in May, has been released.

According to coroner's report, released Friday, Conaway, who passed away at the age of 60, died from multiple causes, including heart valve infection, pneumonia, coronary artery disease and a brain disorder due to drug overdoses.

The report has also ruled the death as accidental.

Craig Harvey, coroner of Los Angeles County, revealed that no toxicology test was conducted as before Conaway had passed away, he had been hospitalized for weeks and his blood was clean.

Nevertheless, opiates and other drugs were found in his system when Conaway was sent to the hospital.

The actor was hospitalized on May 11, when he was found unconscious at home. Conaway died in the morning of May 27, a day after his family took off his life-support system when doctors agreed that he had no chance of reviving.

Conaway was best known for his role in “Grease” and for appearing in the first three seasons of “Taxi”.