The financial heart of India and her economic powerhouse, Mumbai is a

metropolitan, fast-paced and modern city. No less than sixteen million

inhabitants fit into this hectic and colorful place.  Rich with

shopping, culture, history and friendliness, Mumbai is one of India’s

greatest cities.

Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) and her famous Port have long been

considered one of the main gateways into India and has played an

important part in India’s colonial history – with strategic importance

for the Portuguese to the British and the East India Company.

Today Mumbai is a modern city, made famous by the huge Bollywood film

industry and with some of India’s best restaurants, most stylish

shopping options and most colorful nightlife.  The city originally

consisted of seven islands which are now all part of the mainland

thanks to an extensive land reclamation project.

This colorful city has much to offer visitors – the main area of Colaba

is a great place to be based.  Near the landmark Gateway of India

monument lies a wide variety of restaurants and hotels, including the

colonial and wonderful Taj Mahal Hotel.

The Prince of Wales Museum offers some beautiful art. The gothic St

Thomas Cathedral is the oldest British building in the city and is

worth a visit.  There is also a museum dedicated to Gandhi, based in a

house where he lived and which was used to co-ordinate his struggle for

the Independence of India.  If the hustle and bustle of the city gets

too much, escape to one of the many ‘maidans’ or open parks, or

alternatively visit the picturesque Hanging Gardens.

Mumbai also offers some wonderful opportunities to observe the daily

life of the Indian people.  Visit Dhobi Ghat, where the dhobi wallahs

congregate to clean thousands of garments daily.  Their intricate

system ensures that clothes are always returned to their rightful

owners spotlessly clean, something which is hard to believe in the

melee of this ghat.

Visiting the train station at midday also presents an opportunity to

observe the tiffin wallahs who transport millions of home-cooked

lunches from dutiful wives in the countryside surrounding Mumbai (up to

3 hours away) to their hard-working husbands in their office downtown.

Using an incredibly complex marking system and India’s intricate train

network, meals are passed from person to person and never fail to reach

their intended destination.  The empty metal stacked containers

(tiffins) are then returned by the same process to the wives, since it

is not the done thing for a husband to be seen carrying such things!

Above all, Mumbai is a fast-paced, lively city. With some of India’s

finest dining and the colorful life of Mumbai ‘high society’, there

will be never a dull moment in this incredible city.