Document Capture Technologies, Inc. (DCMT) is focused on the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of USB powered mobile page-fed document capture solutions. The company's vertical integration and innovative proprietary software development kits (SDK's) allow for a broad range of applications, faster time-to-market and ease of integration.

DCMT sells its products through a network of over 45 independent distributors and channel partners located primarily in North America but also in Europe and Asia. These distribution partners not only serve as a sales force for the company, but also provide marketing communications and technical support. To date, the company and its licensees have shipped more than 3 million scanners.

CEO David P. Clark previously held executive-level positions with both private and publicly traded companies over the past 18 years, including President of Nautical Vision, Inc., President and CEO of, and President of Distribution/Director at Take 2 Interactive. He also served in business development, corporate finance, and sales and marketing at Inventory Management Systems, Inc., Creative Alliance Group, Sony, Acclaim Entertainment, and Phillips Sales, Inc.

DCMT's new management team has been able to strengthen the balance sheet, complete a strategic buyout of over 50% of the shares held by the former near-majority owner, maintain strong cash flow and EBITDA, and expand the company's key partner relationships and market opportunities. Based on the belief that the company will generate $16.8 million in revenues during the current year and deliver net income of $0.10 per share, Murphy Analytics has issued a 12-month price target of $1.50.