Muscle Flex Inc. announced this morning that it will be releasing the final edited 2-minute commercial and one-page landing web-page for the Muscle Flex Beagle StepFit(TM) Pedometer on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 8:00 AM Eastern. The company’s strategy in pre-releasing the Beagle ( television commercial and landing page is for the development of advantageous marketing and distribution relationships with global partners.

Muscle Flex has carefully considered the script, content and production quality of each commercial and is focused on developing 3 distinct brands within each one: 1) The Muscle Flex corporate brand, 2) The host, Danny Alex, 3) The product that is the subject of the 2 minute spot. The company has not compromised the quality, energy, entertainment value or delivery of the product message and believes that its attention to detail will be revealed in The Beagle StepFit 2 and 1 minute spots as well as the revenue results.

Muscle Flex has been careful to guard its marketing themes and concepts for its commercials and products. The Wednesday Beagle StepFit international debut will be the first time that the Beagle direct response commercial will be viewed outside of Muscle Flex and the production staff at Showreel. Expressing its approval of the production quality and final Beagle commercial, the company stated that it intends to work with Showreel on an ongoing basis.

“The Beagle commercial is being released first with The BUDDY Tablet Caddy soon afterwards,” said Danny Alex, Muscle Flex CEO and host of the Beagle StepFit commercial. “Muscle Flex is all about innovation, fresh new ideas and redefining the direct response business which is synonymous with the vision at Showreel. In developing the Muscle Flex brand globally, there are many ingredients that must come together to forge ongoing consumer trust and excitement. Muscle Flex is not about a ‘one product pump and dump’ like most ‘infomercials’ are on TV. We are building a ‘Health, Fitness and Lifestyle’ company with identifiable brands and global reach.”

He continued, “We are very excited about the first Muscle Flex commercials and believe that the wait will be well worth it for investors, potential international partners and distributors. The Beagle StepFit commercial will exemplify the look and feel for all of Muscle Flex’s direct response television commercials. Muscle Flex has a number of additional product releases that it is eager to release which it is currently developing with Showreel.”

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