Muscle Flex Inc. announced this morning that it will produce and air a 2 minute direct response commercial for its Muscle Flex VATA Brasil(TM) Sports & Active Wear Collection ahead of its 30 minute TV program. Muscle Flex anticipates launching the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil(TM) Collection in October 2009 and the Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere(TM) Collection by VATA Brasil(TM) early next year.

Intended to kick off substantial ecommerce revenue as well as introduce the sassy, sexy and exciting styles of this one-of-a-kind active wear collection, the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil 2 minute commercial will be a “drive to the internet” strategy. The commercial will be aired in cities where the BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) and the Beagle StepFit(TM) have already established significant Muscle Flex brand awareness and loyalty to enhance revenue and website traffic numbers.

The Muscle Flex VATA Brasil and the exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere Collections are a OneFit(TM) garment that fits sizes 0-12 making it a perfect product for a direct response 2 minute and 30 minute television program. The VATA OneFit(TM) fabric is designed to be a lightweight, highly elastic fabric that has four times more filaments than regular fabric. This cutting-edge fabric has a memory stretch quality for incredibly comfortable wear while featuring a natural wicking that uses no chemical treatments to draw the moisture from the skin to the surface where it quickly evaporates.

According to the press release, the 2 minute commercial will air prior to the full length 30 minute program which will showcase both the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil and the Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere Collections. The 30 minute program, which was announced yesterday, will be an exciting showcase of both collections and will utilize 4 or 5 of today’s high profile female celebrities. Muscle Flex CEO Danny Alex will host the 30 minute program and promises that it will be a one-of-a-kind entertaining and inspiring showcase of both collections.

“The Muscle Flex VATA Brasil and the Muscle Flex Premiere lines are the hottest thing to hit female sports, fitness and casual apparel. We fully expect to capture significant market share in the female apparel category and grow that share exponentially,” commented Danny Alex. “The reaction to the lines has been phenomenal to say the least. During Emmy week, we had the opportunity to showcase and gift pieces from the line to a large number of celebrities and media and the response was truly amazing. In addition to the TV commercials, we have several high profile promotional events scheduled over the next few months that will truly propel both collections to the next level.”

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