Muscle Flex Inc. announced that it has submitted its trademark application for The Beagle StepFit with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The Beagle StepFit is a multi-functional pedometer that clips onto the waist of an individual for walking or running and provides the wearer with detailed information as to how many steps the person has taken as well as the distance traveled. In addition to these standard features, however, Muscle Flex has taken the pedometer one step further by including the following features:

1. Body Fat Monitor
2. Step Counter
3. Calorie Burn Counter
4. Distance Calculator
5. Exercise timer
6. Clock with Alarm: 12/24 Hour format

According to the press release, Muscle Flex is working on a 1 and 2 minute short form direct response commercial for the Beagle that will be aired nationwide before Christmas. The final script for The Beagle is in the final stages of completion with filming expected within the next 2-3 weeks. Danny Alex, the colorful and flamboyant CEO and Founder of Muscle Flex, will host The Beagle TV commercial segments.

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