Muscle Flex Inc. announced earlier this morning that it will be attending the GBK Productions Emmy Awards Gifting Lounge this week in Los Angeles where it will debut the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Sports & Active Wear collection. This invite only event will be attended by Hollywood’s elite celebrities, media, agents, producers and Hollywood insiders, in addition to national and international media and press organizations.

Earlier this year, the company announced that influential Hollywood insider GBK Productions provided a standing invite to Muscle Flex to all of its high profile Hollywood and National media events. GBK Productions hand selects companies to attend their luxury and high profile galas for the purpose of connecting with today’s hottest celebrities, personalities and media with new and exciting products to create an industry “buzz” and national media exposure. GBK Productions has put on some of the most prestigious events and gifting suites in Hollywood, including: The MTV Music Awards, The Golden Globes, The Oscars, The American Music Awards, Cannes, the Sundance Film Festival, the Emmy Awards as well as the Superbowl, and many others.

Muscle Flex believes that events such as the Emmy Awards GBK Productions Gifting Lounge forms an integral part of the company’s strategy to launch new products with intensified media exposure. This prestigious exposure allows for potential endorsement deals, testimonials and participation by some of Hollywood’s most visible celebrities in helping to establish Muscle Flex brands.

“Muscle Flex’s suite of products has that exciting, large market potential and celebrity appeal that can work extremely well in the high-profile gifting shows and Hollywood events,” stated Gavin Keilly, President of GBK Productions. “GBK presents some of the most prolific and sought after Hollywood gifting events. Muscle Flex and their suite of products is always a welcome addition to the lineup.”

“GBK Productions is an influential player in Hollywood and we are thrilled to be associated with Gavin Keilly and his talented group of media professionals. Our new products are being launched through a comprehensive marketing model in the $150 Billion direct response TV industry. GBK Productions provides the celebrity association and heightened ‘media buzz’ that differentiates our product releases and complements our efforts to maximize product awareness through multiple media channels,” commented Danny Alex, Muscle Flex CEO.

The Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere(TM) by VATA Brasil(TM) Collection — The Muscle Flex Premiere line shall be an exclusive, original, sassy and sexy female active wear line co-developed by Muscle Flex and the design team at VATA Brasil. To be launched in early 2010.

The Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Collection — This Collection shall be comprised of hand-picked pieces from the VATA Brasil collection that Muscle Flex shall co-brand with VATA Brasil. The collection shall encompass 15 – 18 pieces with an exclusive marketing agreement for the direct response marketing vehicle. To be launched in October 2009.

The entire VATA Brasil and the Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere Collection is a OneFit(TM) garment that fits sizes 0 – 12 making it a perfect candidate for a direct response 30 minute television program. The specially designed VATA OneFit fabric is a lightweight, highly elastic fabric that has four times more filaments than regular fabric. The VATA OneFit fabric has a memory stretch quality which allows for its incredibly comfortable OneFit feature.

According to the press release, Muscle Flex will provide additional details regarding the 30 minute television program for the Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere(TM) and Muscle Flex VATA Brasil(TM) Collections shortly.

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