Muscle Flex Inc. provided investors with details regarding its online marketing strategy for its Muscle Flex VATA Brasil(TM) Sports and Active Wear Collection planned for January 2010. The company aims to initially launch the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil line with a focused and targeted online campaign that will include a number of component parts to market the brand directly to a female fitness audience from ages 25-55.

Muscle Flex’s strategy has been designed to achieve the following:

1. Increase search rankings on all major search engines for the key words associated with female fitness which includes: female fitness, workout apparel, yoga apparel, women’s active wear, Brazilian sportswear and girl’s fitness clothing to name a few

2. Engage in targeted display ads as well as word ad advertising on search engine results

3. Engage in targeted display ads as well as word ad advertising sites that are synonymous with the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil target audience.

4. Database development and capture through and

5. Cooperative marketing initiatives with other sports and athletic orientated websites

6. A Muscle Flex VATA Brasil loyalty program and repeat customer promotion

7. Additional online marketing that maximizes click through results or the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil demographic

According to the press release, the website is almost finished. One of the main efforts in marketing the brand and monetizing web traffic is providing customers with a vast amount of descriptive photos and rich imagery of the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil pieces that inspires purchases, return visits and word of mouth advertising. The company encourages investors to visit and to see the full range and scope of visual impression that is being developed.

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