Muscle Flex Inc. announced today that it has engaged Hollywood heavy weight public relations firm, TLK Fusion Entertainment, to promote the company and its colorful spokesperson and CEO, Danny Alex, through nationally based media, promotions and entertainment television and broadcast programs. TLK Fusion’s powerful relationships in the entertainment industry will position the company side by side with Hollywood’s elite power companies and individuals.

TLK Fusion Entertainment will be working with Muscle Flex on an ongoing North American marketing and promotions campaign as well as offer consulting services to transcend Muscle Flex to a very prominent level. TLK Fusion is developing a 360 degree marketing plan, including public relations, nationwide promotions, charitable alignments and strategic partnerships. As one of Hollywood’s most influential public relations firms, TLK Fusion presides over intimate relationships with some of North America’s most prominent media, television and online entities.

Some of TLK Fusion’s clients include: The American Red Cross, Donate Life California, Simon G Jewelry, David Alexander, SKN Beverly Hills, and Famous Cupcakes. Several of the A List talent that TLK has access to are Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Kendall Kardashian, Kylie Kardashian, Cat Deely, Enrique Iglesias, Linkin Park, Reggie Bush, Lamar Odom, All-4-ONE, Michael Copon, Shayne Lamas and many others.

“When we first saw Danny Alex, what Muscle Flex was doing and how they were offering their products, we knew that it was a company that had amazing potential,” commented Ken Collis, Co-President of TLK Fusion. “Muscle Flex stands out from the crowd in how they present their products and develop their media properties. There is huge potential in what Muscle Flex can do and bring to the health, fitness and lifestyle idioms.”

Tracy Keyser, Co-President of TLK Fusion added, “Danny Alex has one of those personalities and ‘looks’ that appeals to the mass market. He is authentic and genuine in his presentation on and off camera. There are very few individuals who can radiate that kind of confidence… especially on television.”

“Ken and Tracy and the entire team at TLK Fusion have already started to swing their incredible media influence for Muscle Flex in ways and at a pace that is truly impressive,” stated Danny Alex, CEO and Founder of Muscle Flex. “They are one of the most dynamic, well respected and influential public relations firms in Hollywood and some of the opportunities and exposure that they have brought to the table for Muscle Flex in such a short time is indicative of the fact that they are one of the true ‘movers and shakers’ in Los Angeles. TLK Fusion only works with selected companies and products. They have the skills and connections to create a national ‘buzz’ and media exposure in ways that very few PR firms can.”

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