Prior to their national commercial launch, Muscle Flex Inc. announced that it has gone live with accepting orders for its Muscle Flex Beagle StepFit Pedometer, the BUDDY Tablet Caddy and “Danny Alex Commercial Blue” T-shirts on its newly designed website at

“We have already had a number of orders for our Muscle Flex products and we are excited that we have been receiving orders this early into their release,” stated Danny Alex, CEO and Founder of Muscle Flex. “We have a number of high profile promotions that are going to be done in conjunction with our national product commercial releases and seeing orders this early for the Beagle and the BUDDY is an exciting sign.”

Muscle Flex recently released the Muscle Flex(r) Beagle StepFit(tm) 2-minute commercial and one-page landing page at The company is releasing the Beagle StepFit(tm) 2-minute direct response commercial alongside the BUDDY Tablet Caddy(tm) later in November 2009 on a North America broadcast.

Muscle Flex anticipates debuting the BUDDY Tablet Caddy 2-minute commercial soon. Final touches are currently being made on the final edit.

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