Muscle Flex Inc. announced this morning that it will be releasing The BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) and the Beagle StepFit(TM) Pedometer simultaneously in early November. The company gave two primary reasons for this release strategy:

1. Muscle Flex decided to run both commercials in the same markets so that each product reinforces the other in terms of corporate and product awareness.

2. Muscle Flex has lined up a number of high profile national promotional events that will bring significant market awareness to the Muscle Flex brand as well as both products simultaneously. These high profile promotional events have yet to be announced.

Believing that it can dramatically affect the sales numbers of each product through congruent and paralleled marketing campaigns, Muscle Flex has scheduled a number of very high profile promotions that will bring added awareness. The goal is to expand the BUDDY Tablet Caddy and The Beagle StepFit into the same markets and then release new products in the markets that Muscle Flex has well established corporate and product awareness.

“The strategy is a simple one in that we want each product to reinforce the other and bring the additional consumer awareness, not only to the products, but to Muscle Flex as a trusted and recognized health, fitness and lifestyle brand,” stated Danny Alex, CEO of Muscle Flex Inc. “With the very high profile promotional events Muscle Flex has planned and the release of The BUDDY(TM) and The Beagle(TM) in the same markets, we feel that we can greatly increase our initial sales and growth curve quickly.”

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