Muscle Flex Inc. told investors today that it is ready to go for a Monday, December 7 National commercial release of its Beagle StepFit Pedometer. Over the weekend, the company will implement final touches on the Beagle StepFit one-page landing page ( and the Beagle customer support site (

The Beagle StepFit commercial release will air nationally on the following cable stations, but will expand to include the majority of nationally based broadcasters:

Cable Station Households
Discovery Health 65 Million
FIT TV 38.6 Million
Gameshow 63 Million
HMC 5 Million
LMN 53.6 Million
Planet Green 50 Million
Travel 87.4 Million

“Monday, December 7 marks a great day for Muscle Flex and its shareholders as the countless hours of preparation, testing, planning and development will finally culminate into our first national product release,” stated Danny Alex, Muscle Flex Founder & CEO. “The Beagle StepFit is the first of many product releases Muscle Flex has planned with the BUDDY Table Caddy ready to go. As we have been completing and preparing for the BUDDY and the Beagle national commercial releases, we have been developing and are preparing to shoot 3 additional product releases that we expect to release in the first quarter of 2010.”

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