Muscle Flex Inc. announced that it is working on an additional ‘edgier’ BUDDY Tablet Caddy internet viral commercial specifically designed to market the BUDDY Tablet Caddy over the world wide web. This viral version of the commercial is a more provocative piece that is intended to work adjacent to the television commercial version.

“We have incorporated some very interesting elements into both the general broadcast television and the internet viral BUDDY commercials,” commented Danny Alex CEO of Muscle Flex Inc. “We had so many interesting components for the BUDDY commercial and the crew at Showreel came up with some incredible creative ideas. The BUDDY internet viral commercial is a much edgier and provocative piece that is intended to create an online ‘buzz’ in addition to the general nationwide broadcast of the BUDDY 1 and 2 minute commercials.”

He continued, “In releasing the BUDDY, the Beagle and the BUDDY internet viral commercial in addition to my participation in the American Music Awards online pre-show as the official fitness and lifestyle commentator, Muscle Flex is going to make a substantive impression on millions of people very quickly.”

Muscle Flex intends to release the BUDDY Tablet Caddy 2 minute commercial sometime after the close of trading this Friday and the BUDDY internet viral later next week. Details on The Beagle can be viewed at The company anticipates releasing all three commercials nationwide very soon.

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