Muscle Flex Inc. announced this morning that it will be releasing the Beagle StepFit(TM) ( and the BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) ( together along with the national release of the Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Sports and Active Wear Collection.

Subsequent to the successful initial test of the Beagle StepFit, Muscle Flex will release the Beagle and the BUDDY nationally next month. The company will run both commercials simultaneously to reinforce each other and maximize the up-sell components of each product. Furthermore, Muscle Flex will be officially launching its Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Sports and Active Wear Collection nationally through an aggressive national online marketing campaign which will be followed by a 60 and 120 second national commercial and eventually a 30 minute television program.

According to the press release, details of the marketing campaigns for each product will be released shortly as final preparations are completed. The company will be implementing refinements to enhance its websites and marketing approach as a result of ‘intelligence’ garnered from the initial national test of the Beagle StepFit.

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