Muscle Flex Inc. today announced that its websites, and its YouTube site,, have experienced a considerable increase in website traffic. Since Thursday, December 17, 2009, based on Google Analytic data, the following information was collected: 33,744 Unique Visitors Over 300% Unique Visitor Increase
(pro-rated since Dec 1)

Avg pages per visit: 34.16
Avg Time on Site: 27 min 19 seconds

YouTube: 5467 Views — BUDDY Viral
7140 Views — Beagle StepFit
7342 Views — BUDDY Tablet Caddy

Muscle Flex began its online marketing strategy on Thursday of last week. Muscle Flex aims to dramatically increase its online marketing efforts in January 2010, coinciding with the release of the BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) and Beagle StepFit(TM) national commercials simultaneously as well as an aggressive kickoff to its sports & active wear line, Muscle Flex VATA Brasil. The BUDDY Tablet Caddy online viral commercial can be viewed at:

The BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) viral online commercial is intended exclusively for the internet and has three parts. Part three can be viewed at and parts one and two are presented on the link above.

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