Muscle Flex Inc. announced that it has chosen Chief Media as its national media buyer for the BUDDY Tablet Caddy(TM) ( and the Beagle StepFit(TM) ( infomercials. As one of the nation’s top large scale television, print, radio and online media purchasers, Chief Media is a leader in the direct response industry. Chief Media provides a wealth of value added expertise that includes business development, research as well as data tracking, data assimilation and overall program analysis. Having developed a close relationship with the principals at Chief Media, Muscle Flex is eager to utilize their years of expertise in the direct response business with the BUDDY and the Beagle as well as a number of other planned product releases.

Muscle Flex is currently in the process of planning an initial 4-week test campaign with Chief Media starting in November for both the BUDDY and the Beagle. The first month’s budget for the initial media test campaign for each product is $40,000 for a total of an $80,000 media investment. Once the November campaign has reached its end, Muscle Flex will analyze the sales data and perform any refinements or “tweaking” to optimize the campaigns going into month two.

“There is one thing that draws me to people and organizations beyond anything else… passion. I have been having discussions with Chief Media for quite some time and they have always been eager and have shown excitement in working with Muscle Flex,” commented Danny Alex, CEO and Founder of Muscle Flex Inc. “Chief Media is one of the largest media buyers in the country for direct response but it is their other talents and expertise that will maximize the BUDDY and the Beagle campaigns. Muscle Flex has a lot of products that it is bringing to market in a very short while and there is an opportunity to cross-pollinate brands and create a strong national presence for Muscle Flex. Chief Media can be one of the catalysts that helps accelerate the overall Muscle Flex vision and business strategy.

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