Muscle Flex Inc. is a leading edge fitness, health and lifestyle company that develops new brands and products to market using direct response TV advertising and infomercials. The company also uses cutting edge brand and image marketing through the creation of television media content for network and cable television distribution.

The company announced today that it has signed a comprehensive agreement with Houston PAD, master distributor of VATA Brasil OneFit Active Wear, to market an exclusive Muscle Flex by VATA Brasil Women’s Sports & Active Wear Collection, a co-branded Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Collection as well as the full VATA Brasil line of Sports and Active Wear apparel. They also announced a new website which provides consumers with details about the product lines –

The agreement provides Muscle Flex three full and distinct apparel collections that it will market via a 30 minute television program as well as traditional and online retail channels. The three Collections are: The Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Collection and The VATA Brasil Collection, both of which be launched in October 2009; and The Exclusive Muscle Flex Premiere by VATA Brasil Collection which is due to be launched in early 2010.

The collections use the specifically-designed VATA OneFit fabric, which is a lightweight, highly elastic fabric that has four times more filaments than regular fiber. The fabric also has a memory stretch quality which allows for added comfort. Another unique property of the fabric is that it draws moisture away from the body in a natural wicking process.

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