Muscle Flex Inc., the multi-faceted health and fitness company, has come up with what could become its most successful product venture to date, its VATA Brasil Collection of sportswear. Using all of its knowledge and experience regarding the fitness market, the company has put together a one-of-a-kind garment designed to incorporate all of the qualities its customers are looking for.

One of the most amazing aspects of the design collection is that it is actually a single size, using a special OneFit fabric with an amazing 10x stretch factor. The result is cost-effective manufacturing producing a garment that fits sizes 0-12. Even if the user gains or loses weight, it will always fit. The revolutionary fabric is lightweight, yet with four times more filaments than regular fabric, providing exceptional comfort.

Another important thing about the micro-fiber yarn is that it is hydrophobic, drawing moisture away from the skin and immediately forcing it to the surface by way of millions of ultra-stretch filaments. Once on the surface, the moisture quickly evaporates. The fabric is made using a natural wicking process, as opposed to chemical treatments used by most other garment manufacturers.

The company’s approach to its VATA Brasil Collection of sportswear reflects its approach to every product it markets. Danny Alex, Muscle Flex founder and CEO, knows the health and fitness market like few others, and is adamant that every single product fit a real market need. The first rule of business is know your customer, and that’s what Muscle Flex is really all about.

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