Muscle Flex Inc. and Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, LLC, a subsidiary of Visual Industries, Inc., announced together that their television show “Sugar Free,” which is currently in pre-production, has received significant interest from global television program distributors. According to the press release, they have already engaged the interested media conglomerates in discussions.

Muscle Flex and Sterling each hold a 50% ownership in “Sugar Free” and will equally share future revenues. Currently in the final stages of pre-production, the companies, upon completion, will pitch the show to major television networks and national cable stations for North American and International distribution.

The initial interest is credited to the timely and compelling program content of “Sugar Free” as well as the strong relationships Sterling can leverage in the global television space. Interest in “Sugar Free” is not limited to only program broadcasts, but also extends to sales and distribution of the “Sugar Free” DVD series.

Today, more than 21 million people (7% of the population) have diabetes and even more suffer from obesity and other illnesses. “Sugar Free” delivers real-life, practical solutions to anyone wishing to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hosted by a top-rated TV celebrity, “Sugar Free” takes a fun, in-your-face approach to demonstrating sugar-free recipes, exercises, and how to maintain a sugar-free life at work events, lunches, and dinners. Celebrity guest appearances will help add variety and depth to keep programming fresh each day.

“Revenue derived from a television program like Sugar Free can be significant. With the huge success of such TV shows as ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Celebrity Fit Club,’ diet and exercise shows have been spun into television gold,” stated Danny Alex, CEO of Muscle Flex Inc. “‘Sugar Free’ has it all — the information, ideas and personalized motivation to help viewers get healthy and stay that way. The show is truly different — it’s a cooking lesson, self-help talk show and reality TV all in one.”

Kira Baskerville, CEO of Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, added, “‘Sugar Free’ will be a show that will help many people worldwide live healthier, longer lives. Sterling is excited to bring ‘Sugar Free’ to the international market place with Muscle Flex.”

“Sterling not only possesses the talent and experience to develop an A-class daytime/primetime TV program but they also have long-standing relationships that can propel ‘Sugar Free’ into widespread distribution globally,” continued Danny Alex, CEO of Muscle Flex Inc. “Sterling has successfully launched health and wellness TV shows globally, including the U.K., Europe and the U.S. ‘Sugar Free’ is one of Muscle Flex’s best kept secrets and its potential has not been fully addressed by investors.”

Further details will later be released in order to protect proprietary content, ideas and information.

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