Muscle Flex Inc. today released the logo designs for its “In the Raw” product line. The designs can be viewed at the company’s website:

The Muscle Flex’s “In the Raw” product line will include a number of products that are part of the company’s registered trademark wares and services. The “In the Raw” clothing line will be a diversified portfolio of branded merchandise, such as caps, T-shirts and workout wear, extreme sports, reality-based videos and related music skewed to the extreme sports and mixed martial arts categories.

Muscle Flex is currently completing its first generation “In the Raw” T-shirts and selected exercise and fashion apparel as well as a line of Muscle Flex “In the Raw” denim jeans. The company is also in the process of reviewing a number of co-branding opportunities.

In the press release, the company reminded investors that the multi-year trademark dispute between Muscle Flex’s “In the Raw” and WWE’s “Raw” trademark concluded in April of this year when Muscle Flex Inc. successfully defended its “In the Raw” trademark against WWE “Raw” trademark application 1,153,018 in a final Federal Court appeal by the WWE. Previously, in June of 2008, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Opposition Board issued its final decision with respect to the WWE Canadian trademark application for “RAW.” The ruling confirmed that certain wares listed in the RAW trademark application 1,153,018 were confusingly similar, lacking distinctiveness from the “In the Raw” registered trademark.

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