As can be guessed from the name, MusclePharm is a company dedicated to nutrients important to bodybuilding and general fitness. Based in Colorado, MusclePharm researches, develops, produces and distributes its own line of supplements that are emphasized to be 100% free of banned substances. The company is expanding from the dedicated bodybuilding market into the general fitness and even weight-loss markets.

One of the more impressive aspects of the company’s operations is the extent of their evaluation of supplement candidates before allowing them to carry the MusclePharm name. The supplements are comprised of amino acids, herbs, and proteins scientifically tested to ensure both effectiveness and safety. Each product is the result of a multi-stage investigational process and involves input from nutrition experts as well as many professional athletes representing, among others, the NFL and Major League Baseball. The company uses a 30,000 square foot training facility and state-of-the-art technology to gather quantifiable data for their formulations, in addition to generating feedback from athletes, coaches, fitness experts, and medical personnel.

MusclePharm supplements are now being sold in over 120 countries, including thousands of U.S. retail outlets such as GNC, and are also available in over 100 online stores, like, the largest online retail outlet for sports nutrition products. The company has even developed a MusclePharm clothing line to take advantage of the popular MusclePharm brand. The MusclePharm business plan is currently focused on increasing distribution and sales, and hiring key employees to strengthen the company, while continuing to develop their high-reputation products.

Although the overall sports nutrition market is still dominated by sports beverages and foods, the sports supplements market is well over $1 billion, and is growing rapidly. The #1 sports nutrition consumer is the U.S., followed by Europe and Japan, with the market increasing as it moves from dedicated bodybuilding to the mainstream fitness population.

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