Based in Aurora, Colorado, MusclePharm Corp. currently markets and distributes a variety of sports nutrition supplements for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone looking to enhance their own fitness. These products, based upon years of research and tested by professional athletes, are designed to enhance the effects of workouts, help repair muscles, and nourish the body for optimal physical fitness.

• AssaultTM combines natural ergogenic agents to promote endurance, mental focus, strength and power. It has been scientifically proven to allow users to train harder and longer, with increased energy.

• Battle FuelTM contains several natural compounds shown to impact the body’s hormonal, recovery, and immune pathways. It supports muscle growth, fuel recovery, and maximizes the body’s adaptive response to hard training.

• Bullet ProofTM is a mix of clinically proven ingredients to support necessary restful sleep while encouraging recovery and repair through hormonal modulation and nutrition, maximizing the growth and recovery process.

• Combat PowderTM consists of a carefully engineered matrix of protein concentrates, hydrolysates, isolates, and other components to produce the ultimate time-released super-food. As a result, amino acids are delivered to the bloodstream quickly, but then continually for up to 8 hours.

• Re-ConTM is an innovative formulation to provide specific amino acids for muscle building, especially in the immediate post-training window-of-growth, critical for muscle repair and rebuilding.

• MuscleGelTM is a game-changing nutritional supplement, providing an easy way to get the purest form of protein, to help the body build lean mass, burn fat, and boost metabolism. Through the application of Profusion™ Technology, MuscleGel delivers nutrients quicker than any other system of delivery.

• Shred MatrixTM affects the body’s metabolic, energy, and performance pathways for fat control, to generate the most comprehensive and effective fat loss system available. It reduces sugar cravings and blocks fat storage.

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