MusclePharm Corp., an ever growing U.S. nutritional supplement company, was pleased to announce this morning that its Senior President and Co-Founder Cory Gregory will be featured on the cover of national publication Fitness & Physique Magazine.

The magazine, which focuses primarily on natural bodybuilding, will arrive on newsstands next week and will be available at national retailers like Barnes and Noble, Hastings Entertainment and Books-A-Million.

Gregory is also the featured story that tells of his fitness background and the growth of MusclePharm. Although he has been featured in numerous fitness publications over the past decade, this marks the first cover shot and featured story for the lifetime natural fitness athlete.

“This is an exciting moment for me on a number of levels. The article tells my story of how I got to this point, how a lot of my roots and disciplines come from natural bodybuilding, and it also lets MusclePharm consumers know that we are serious about fitness,” Gregory said.

“This cover shot will prove to our consumers that we at MusclePharm keep a high level of fitness,” he continued. “By showing that I am both a natural athlete and executive, this really puts us as in touch with the consumer as we can be.”

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