One of the first rules of business is to know your customer. You need to know and respect them, and they need to know and respect you. It’s a guiding principle that can easily be overlooked in the everyday struggle to grow. Managers without an intimate knowledge of the market they serve sometimes get lost in the numbers, allowing bean-counting to replace a real understanding.

MusclePharm, producer of sports and bodybuilding supplements, has based everything on a mutual identification with the bodybuilding and fitness market. It’s the reason that the management team is so heavily invested with people having direct experience in diverse aspects of the sports, bodybuilding, and fitness industry, prior to joining MusclePharm.

• Brad Pyatt (CEO) brings with him seven years’ experience as a professional athlete, and more than five years’ experience in sports nutrition. He played in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, in addition to Arena Football with the Colorado Crush, and has been President and CEO of Muscle Pharm LLC since its inception.
• Cory Gregory (President) served as owner and President of T3 Personal Training, a personal training service that managed and oversaw approximately 40 clients, prior to joining MusclePharm. He was also President of the Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation.
• Lawrence Meer (CFO) was CFO and COO for GS Sportswear, a Colorado sportsware promotional company, in addition to serving as President and CFO of Color It, Inc., a textile finishing company out of Florida.
• Leonard Armenta (Executive VP) has 10 years in the sports nutrition industry, prior to MusclePharm, including work as founder and CEO of Colorado Sports Innovations.

The close association of the management team with the market it serves is one of the reasons the company devotes so much effort to researching and developing the supplements it sells. MusclePharm utilizes a string of scientists, athletes, trainers and coaches, together with high-priced systems and equipment, all to evaluate and verify supplement effectiveness.

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