MusclePharm really lives up to its branding as The Athletes Company™. With its widely known array of maximum quality sports nutrition products sold under the MusclePharm® brand name, MSLP is run by industry veterans who have deep personal experience evaluating nutritional supplements first hand.

The Company has a line of six proprietary supplements that have been engineered, scientifically tested, and proven to be safe. These supplements contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins and amino acids that boost the effectiveness of exercise, promote overall health and help to repair muscle tissues, while bringing the entire body into a peak nourishment profile for optimal yield from physical activity.

The strength of the MusclePharm brand is attributable to the quality of the products, and this reputation has garnered multiple high profile marketing deals, landing them the shelf space and consumer uptake parameters that direclty translate into ROI. With two more offerings planned, the Company will fill an even bigger niche in its market vertical.

A global distribution footprint exceeding 120 countries, via top retailers like GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and other salient international firms, gives MSLP a throughput network for moving product which represents a distinct competitive advantage in the sector.

GNC, quite possibly the most well-known health and nutrition-related retailer, runs the products in over 1,200 stores and is committed to increasing the number to 2,500 by year’s end.

In addition to retail distribution arrangements, like the one with The Vitamin Shoppe – where MusclePharm products are featured in over 485 stores, and where some 430 stores this year are running MusclePharm videos in-store throughout the day (with end-cap displays to prominently feature the MSLP products), the Company also sells direct to consumers

China, Europe, Japan, the US, and many more emerging markets are witnessing sustained growth in demand for nutritionals and supplements. The Company addresses this need by selling products online through over 100 sites, including MSLP’s primary US site,, which is a top domestic online nutritionals retailer.

A 24% projected CAGR for the global nutrition product market is pegging the 2013 market value at an exceedingly large $91.8B. For a sector that grew by $3B between 07-08 alone, this translates into abundant upside for a company like MSLP.

The Company’s management believes that MSLP is poised for truly explosive growth in 2010 as marketing initiatives, distribution channels and expansion of output capacity all come together to create a perfect storm of elements fueling a meteoric rise.

MusclePharm is committed to safety and quality, producing all of its supplements via world-class nutritional specialists under full Natural Products Association-stipulated Good Manufacturing Practices.
MusclePharm products are classified according to function in three distinct categories:

• The Hardcore Series represents some of the best the world has to offer in nutritional supplements, and is perfect not only for athletes and body builders but all health-conscious people.

* ASSAULT™ – a natural and clinically proven powerful cellular-level muscle enhancer

* BATTLE FUEL™ – anabolic support for sustained endurance training and output

* BULLET PROOF™ – enhances deep rest and tissue reparation during down time for maximum muscle yield

* COMBAT™ – high-quality technologically engineered Protein Superfood that is easily digestible and makes a simple great-tasting shake

* RECON™ – uniquely formulated high-performance refueling solution for post-workout growth and repair

• The Shred Series consists of the SHRED MATRIX™ fat loss system which is specifically engineered to promote systemic metabolic improvement leading to increased energy, elevated mood and mental function while ameliorating appetite and cravings.

• The Fitgel Series, consisting of the Muscle Gel and Energel Shot nutritional supplements, are easy to eat, no-prep protein and energy supplements that can be thrown into a gym bag or carried for an on-the-go performance boost.