A Muslim community leader revealed Muslims tipped off the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, helping to foil a terrorist plot to attack a commuter train in Canada.

On Monday, police announced the arrest of two Muslim individuals, Chiheb Esseghaier of Montreal and Raed Jaser of Toronto, on several terrorism-related charges, including conspiring to carry out an attack against, and conspiring to murder, persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group.

On Tuesday, Muhammad Robert Heft revealed the Muslim community tipped off the RCMP and helped foil the bomb plot, the Toronto Sun reports. Heft is a Muslim community leader in Scarborough, Toronto, in Canada's Ontario.  

Heft said there may be a public outcry against the Muslim community in the wake of the foiled bomb plot but wanted the city of Toronto to know that it was not a reflection of the larger Muslim community in Canada and the religious community condemned the actions of Esseghaier and Jaser.

“There is going to be backlash,” Heft told the Toronto Sun. “But I want to reiterate. Who was the one who tipped the RCMP off? It was our community.”

Heft said Muslim community leaders have also been working with the RCMP, helping to report suspicious activities as well as cooperating in any investigations. The Toronto Sun also noted Heft runs a program for at-risk youths who may become radicalized. In the interview, Heft reiterated the Muslim community’s love and appreciation of Canada and its residents, wishing all Canadians to be safe.

Esseghaier and Jaser were allegedly work with al Qaeda in a plot to bomb a VIA passenger train in Canada. The Canadian bomb plot was not affiliated with last week’s Boston bombing.