Eureka! No more diet books. Cancel your gym membership. Pour out the protein shakes. We've found the diet miracle!
Get some lab rats, scramble their livers, feed them fatty foods and they won't gain a pound, even without exercise.

Experts are hopeful this can work in humans too...

In a study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, scientists implanted a molecular shunt into the liver cells of 94 mice. The shunt contained an enzyme normally found in bacteria and plants, but not animals.

Despite feeding Mickey and Minnie a high-fat diet (mimicking fast food) the mice stayed lean and mean. Their shunted-livers were able to burn more fat, keeping it out of their blood and off their hips and butts.

Similar studies have shown shunts can normalize blood glucose levels in diabetic obese mice, but experts say more research is needed before molecular shunts can be used in people. Honestly, I want radioactive spiders first.

Now, science is great, but I get all my mouse-related weight-loss advice from one guy senor Speedy Gonzalez!