Full disclosure - I've spent some 2 weeks working on the simplest of tasks: coming up with a mutual fund family name.  Sometimes the most simple things take the longest.  I've gone through hundreds of names - almost all the things I thought of on first glance were taken by either a mutual or hedge fund in the US or UK, hence dismissed.  As was anything with a copyright.  I've gone through countless choices and asked a small pool of people for opinions, but not one one name in my final pool gathered a consensus.  Hence I am looking for a wider opinion base.

I am looking for something relatively short, relatively easy to pronounce, and something most people will have a clue what the word means.  It needs to work well with a longer mutual fund name i.e. XXX Absolute Return.... or XXX International Equity.

I've closed in on a choice with 98% certainty (one of the choices below)... unless there is a watershed victory for one of the other names, we'll have the name locked in by tonight.  Feel free to vote and I hope my mental victor is one of the leaders.