If your child has to deal with a whole series of deficits because of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then there is quite a lot for the child to cope with. Children with ADHD tend to forget things, not able to stay on task, difficult in paying attention and has problems following instructions. If your child will not focus or simply cannot focus, here are five ways to help them out:

1. There may be an element of restlessness and hyperactivity if your child has the combined type of ADHD. That means making sure that your child is not punished for moving around so much in the class. Often a word with the teacher so that your child is allowed to move around occasionally will be a great help in her achieving better concentration levels.

2. If your child is disorganized then parents themselves have to get organize and keep their home neat and tidy.

3. Using a timer helps to keep track of time. It is also great for establishing and setting a routine.

4. Creating a quiet area is very important for getting homework done. If there are media distractions or family members coming and going, then the child will not focus.

5. ADHD kids can find white noise calming and helps them with attention. It also helps them to get to sleep. You can leave the radio on static or a fan will be equally effective.