After all the gay marriage coverage during the Supreme Court hearings in March and resulting outpouring of support on Facebook, one gay college student felt compelled to express his gratitude on the social media site, for the first time acknowledging his sexuality there.

Although many of Levi Miles’ friends and family knew he was gay, there was one person who didn’t know: his father. Miles, who shared his story on his personal Tumblr page, said he was terrified of coming out to his father, fearing his father would disown him or be ashamed of him.

It turns out Miles' father had seen his Facebook post, his mother told him. So when the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee student went home for Easter, he was anxious about discussing his sexuality, but the topic never came up.

At the end of Miles’ holiday visit, his parents dropped him off at the train station to head back to school, with still no one broaching the subject.

When Miles was settled back in Milwaukee, he got a text message from his mother, saying: “Your dad has funny ways of showing he loves you. Look in your backpack.”

Read Miles’ own account of his story and the surprising -- and heartwarming -- ending by clicking here.

(h/t The Huffington Post)